About us

Maybe in the whole world,
there is no means by which to adorn
an object or a being,
other than through love..

(Robert Musil)

The ancient Egyptians painted with brushes or similar tools
constructed from palm leaves. Thousands of years ago in China,
artists began their calligraphy, but what type of brushes
did they use?

From the Renaissance we learned how the "pennelli" - a brush -
was bound from squirrel or deer hair and hog bristle.
In his "Book of Art (1437)" Cennino Cennini dedicated chapter
sixty-three to the art of brushmaking.
This chapter provided painters of that time - who had to make their own brushes - a reference manual for years to come.

From my grandfather,
who loved to tell stories of
his past, I learned that at
the end of the last century
in the early period of
industrialisation he and his
colleagues were involved
in the local crafts guild.
As a self-conscious brushmaker
he went to work in a frock-coat
and bowler hat..

(Hans-Friedrich Defet)

Thanks to the busy hands of skilled brush-makers and apprentices,
guided by their departmental supervisors,
more than 10.000 artist brushes of high quality are made in our factory
each day. Visitors often express their surprise at the calm atmosphere
which is not usually found in a "factory".
They compare it to laboratories and studios - as the silence of
concentration prevails, interrupted only by occasional conversation.
Now and again rhythmic knocking noises are to be heard.
The brass cases filled with hair bundles and the marble working tables
have always encouraged brush-makers to beat time somewhere
between Dixieland and marching music.
Our production rooms for synthetic brushes newly
established in the Tillystraße, give a totally
different impression.

Here the vibrators are ringing, the parting machines are
humming, portioning exactly up to 1/10 gr. and manufacturing
approximately one thousand brushes per hour. We work with
special machines and equipment in electronically guided
processes which have been built in our own workshop after a
trial period lasting many years.