German Standards - Beacons in the Ocean of Brands

We feel very honoured that, together with other companies, we were chosen for the “Markenpreis der Deutschen Standards” and thus entered the compendium “Brands of the Century” with a special edition. This anniversary edition, published by Dr. Langenscheidt, showcases German brands rated highest in their product segment by an expert committee and is called “Beacons in the Ocean of Brands” and has been released in English, German and Mandarin.

With a print run of 20.000 copies “Marken des Jahrhunderts” is published nationally and internationally at bookstores, in politics and economy.

We are very proud to have been chosen along with such renowned brands like Allianz, Zweckform, Axel Springer Verlag, BMW AG, Deutsche Bank, FAZ, Knirps, Leica Cameras, Schmincke, Underberg, Tesa, Vedes AG and many more.