The SYNTHETIC MOTTLER, which will be presented in all details on the following pages, has found its way into all painting techniques, whether varnishing, priming or wash techniques. Due to the modern process technology, we have now at our disposal fibres in different width and taperings, enabling in special manual operations like graining and marbling completely new results and horizons. On the pages 4 - 16 we demonstrate clearly which brush type is especially apt for which technique and of which special kind of fibre it is manufactured. You will also find the ideal brushes for manifold hobby techniques as well as for art classes and handicraft works, series 5073 FIT FOR HOBBY and 5074 FORTE-Basic. Restorers and artisans should have a look at the page 5.10, where we illustrate and describe our HAIR MOTTLERS – favourites amongst them already for generations. BRISTLE MOTTLERS have experienced a multitude of versions for the large application fields. From simple to sixfold thickness (for lacquering) and visible bristle lengths from extra short to long, all those brush types we have available in our assortment are illustrated.