It was a very carefully thought out system by which the old Egyptian people managed to irrigate the fertile soil of the Nile valley during long dry periods to assure their harvest. The phenomenon that liquid in connected tubes stays always at the same level is called today the “system of communicating tubes”. By knowing this and understanding at the same time the capillary effect we have the possibility to let water colour brushes display all their beautiful capabilities. The many outstanding features of the brush are taken for granted by those who take the tool and spread paint over the surface exactly as they require: its fine holding capacity, the lively elasticity of the bristles, and the way that the brush quickly regains the shape that the brush maker has formed when new paint is absorbed. However, only the brush, which has been made from the noblest and most precious brush hair, features these highly appreciated qualities. We speak of the hair coming from the male winter tails of the sable “mustela sibirica”, living in the basins of the Siberian rivers Amur and Tobol. For centuries this hair has been known worldwide under the term “Kolinsky red sable”. To deploy all those features of this precious natural product, it needs perfect manual skills, the experience of generations as well as many busy hands. The DAVINCI Künstlerpinselfabrik DEFET GmbH, Nuremberg, has accepted the challenge to maintain the know-how, which has developed over the centuries combining it in an optimum way with the necessary quality processes concerning the choice of the material and the hair compositions. Meanwhile these rich experiences are passed on to the fourth generation.