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Already during the planning of our new factory building, we have been consciously considering ecological principles and did realize them when building the new project in the year 2006.

Our main focus has always been to provide for our staff optimal conditions as far as working space and illumination are concerned, in order to allow an environmentally compatible production for high quality products.

The following criteria have been especially observed:

Location: The board of directors decided in favour of a property situated less than 1 km from the old company headquarters and centrally located in the city, thus not far from home for most of our staff. Another great advantage is the new Underground Station in Wallensteinstraße, only about 800 m away. In order to keep the individual traffic as low as possible, the management has rejected other offers for budget properties at the periphery of the town.

So that our staff-members are motivated to leave their cars at home, they get reimbursed half of the ticket-price for public transport – that is true also for those who come by train.

Heating and illumination: By connecting our factory to the community heating of the City of Nuremberg, we have consciously renounced an own oil heating. This environmental-friendly heat supply is technically always up-to-date and an important factor of the City of Nuremberg.

Using electricity consciously and economically is also of top priority in our premises. Right from the planning stage we attached great importance to making the utmost use of daylight as well as installing in the factory as well as the administration offices low current lighting appliances. In order to motivate our staff additionally to consume electric power moderately, a programme has been installed by which the reduced costs in electricity are reimbursed to all our staff-members. When evolving our machinery pool, we always take great care to use and create new energy-saving solutions.

Ecological standards: Already during the planning stage the many possibilities to isolate buildings being at our disposal nowadays have been taken into consideration. By that it has been possible to renounce air-condition systems so that during the summer months no energy has to be wasted for cooling the building. Moreover there are other ecological principles we constantly pay attention to, as for example

Many further details, all of them being an attribution to living the ecological thought in themselves, are essential aspects of our company's philosophy.


Nuremberg, overworked in July 2013