Some customers have informed us of imported predominantly overseas artist brushes, which at first glance look like a bargain. Let’s have a closer look: The picture below shows on the left a No.16 of the brush series 7123, and a competitor’s brush No.16 on the right.

What is immediately noticeable is the difference in size: Compared with the overseas brush, the brush has a 50% wider painting edge.

These brushes are not comparable, neither in volume nor in price.

What is not visible to you or your customer is the interior of both products, only to be seen by cutting open the ferrule:

The bristle used by da Vinci is nearly double in length.

As only through such bristle length the positive and enduring effect of the "interlock production” can come fully  into its own - crucial for the elasticity, springiness and longevity.

After careful consideration we have chosen for these series with long and medium bristle lengths, in round and filbert shape, the name da Vinci MAESTRO 2.

That, and many more hidden nuances produce a high quality product, that is the result of excellent quality bristle from the hands of brush-makers with generations of experience.