Series 10 No. 50



Since decades the size 50 of our MAESTRO series 10 has been the most valuable brush, manufactured in our factory.

Due to the fact that for this size you need especially long Siberian Kolinsky red sable hair, this very particular and unique painting tool is available – year after year – only in very small quantities.
As with all the other sizes of our series 10, we use also for this brush exclusively the hair from selected male winter tails, which are refined to a masterpiece, piece by piece, in more than 20 production steps.

When manufacturing this year’s load, we have made sure to introduce some product improvements to render these rare unique specimens even more exceptional and that in ALL their components:

1. The hand-prim handles have been polished in black and consequently adapted to the complete MAESTRO series 10.

2. The brush-head has been positively connected with the handle by means of an additionally built-in coupling socket, so that the brush will now ALWAYS keep its form, also if it has been left in water for a long time.

As you know, we can launch only about 6 – 8 brushes a year of this extraordinary size. At the moment we have on stock only three brushes left out of the last load.

Due to the risen demand for this “Jewel in our Portfolio”, we have decided for the future to list each order and effect delivery according to the date of receipt of order.

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Series 10 size 50 measurements:
Diametre of the brush body: 26,0 mm
Visible hair length: 66,0 mm
Total length (without protection cap): 400 mm
Total weight of the brush: 95,0 gramme
Length inclusive protection cap: 410 mm


10 no 50