Studio and Gallery House DEFET

After our move to new premises in 2006, Mr. Hans-Friedrich Defet, founder of the da Vinci Künstlerpinselfabrik DEFET GmbH asked himself what should happen to the properties left abandoned. Together with his wife he thought deeply about this. Despite some good suggestions, and some objections, they decided that these properties should be transformed into artist studios. There should be also space for screen printing and restoration. And it was also important for the Defets that a painting school for children would be established.

No sooner said than done. Following a reconstruction period of just six months, the building, with its sixteen artist studios, print and photography workshops and two gallery spaces, was shown to the public on the 1st of October 2006. Even the dream of a children’s painting school had come true. This keen project was rewarded by the “German Culture Prize for Small Businesses” awarded by the Federal Association of German Industry in 2008.

The Studio and Gallery House Defet has developed in a known institution in Nuremberg and plays today a key role in the cultural life of the city.

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