with the registration of our trademark "Leonardo da Vinci" we distinguish our Top-Qualities for Water colour - Series 10 and 11 - as well as the interlocked brushes for Oilpainting - Series 7000, 7100, 7200, 7300, 7700 and 7900 - by adding the subbrand MAESTRO.


da Vinci NOVA presents itself in golden colour. Furnished with the green handle from the very beginning. Nowadays surely the universal brush for tempera and water colour, for oil, acrylic and hobby painting (series 18 – 122 – 1370 - 1373 – 1375 – 1570 – 1670 – 1870 – 1875).


da Vinci COSMOTOP-SPIN enlarges - extra soft pure synthetic - the vast water colour tradition by the brush series 5580 in round, and 5584 in pointed-oval shape.

da Vinci COSMOTOP-MIX B series 5530 is born, finished with the blue transparent esagonal handle and made of a mixture of natural hairs combined with synthetic fibre. A good value water colour brush, especially in the larger sizes.


The synthetic brush range is further enlarged by our da Vinci TOP-ACRYL line.

After a longer testing phase da Vinci JUNIOR is launched, the first fully synthetic school painting brush – in ROUND (series 303) and FLAT (series 304), unanimously welcomed by pedagogues.


da Vinci PAINT-FINGER – which is great fun to use whatever your age – is much loved in kindergardens and by art therapists to develop the fine motor skills.


da Vinci FORTE with its robust fibre quality complements our brush assortment for leisure artists, painting with thicker colours on rough surfaces.


da Vinci PRIMO, the paint-brush for the very beginners, is presented.


da Vinci IMPASTO - designed to be used with the many texture gels and pastes - is launched. Available in round and flat shape (series 7105, 7705, 5025).


da Vinci FIT FOR SCHOOL AND HOBBY: Thanks to a newly developed synthetic fibre, we have created a hobby and school painting brush assortment, which fascinates not only by its interesting look with the neon grey handle, but also by its surprising value for money.


da Vinci VARIO-TIP, a product innovation made from synthetic fibres in different lengths wins the Creative Impulse Award at the PAPERWORLD in Frankfurt.


da Vinci GRIGIO: Modern process technology has enabled us to develop a slightly rough-textured fibres, which well approximate the special characteristics of natural hairs – ideal for liquid as well as thicker colours in oil and acrylic painting. Available in a vast palette of shapes, allowing the artist to express his creativity.