Finest Sowrd Stripers and Short Stroke Brushes

For drawing long, even lines on clean painting surfaces, for example placard cardboard or metal the so-called sword stripers are suitable, which we make of finest Kazan squirrel hair. Originally this brush type was developed in the 19th century, however, in the so-called pin-striping community the stryper is having a renaissance for some time and is therefore heavily demanded.

COSMOTOP-SPIN, slanted edge
light brown, extra smooth synthetic fibre
so-called silver ferrule
short red transparent lacquered esagonal handle
sizes 10, 14, 20 and 30
for all liquid colours, especially for water-colour and silk paintingda Vinci Series 5587 COSMOTOP-SPIN, slanted edge

Sword striper
Kazan squirrel hair
in brass ferrule
cedar imitation handles
sizes No. 0 to No. 4
da Vinci Series 700 Sword striper

Our assortment for pinstriping has been enlarged by an extra long version,enabling the artist to paint extra long strokes.This striper is ideal for long and small decorative lines.

Sword striper
Kazan squirrel hair
so-called silver ferrule
short black polished handles
sizes No. 0 and No.1
da Vinci Series 709 Sword striper