60 years of "Leonardo da Vinci" - Quality for generations

These days the trademark „Leonardo da Vinci“ celebrates ist 60th Birthday.
It was in June 1952, that the rights for this brandname were given officially to “da Vinci” Künstlerpinselfabrik by the “Deutsche Patentamt” after the owners of the company, Marianne and Hansfried Defet, had applied for this brand nearly one year before. Since that time the products of the Nuremberg artist brush specialists proudly carry that seal of quality. Over the past decades the core focus at “da Vinci” has been to use the highest quality materials, traditional craft and the most up-to-date production processes.


The cornerstone of the product range was the artist brush. Fundamental to the manufacture of all products is the careful selection of raw materials, which are dressed and finished in specialist workshops, before being prepared for brush manufacture.
The development and education of skilled staff is of equal importance. Each of the experts at da Vinci has undertaken a three-year apprenticeship before being assigned to a special product group where they receive additional training. Only by paying attention to all these details the consistent first-class quality of all products can be assured.

View into the manual brush making department:

Today when walking through the factory’s bright rooms, nothing recalls the old production methods and smells like when manufacturers still worked with pitch and other glues, which long ago became out-of-date.
Ficus benjamina grows as far as the roof in many parts of the building, and paintings, sculptures and objects by contemporary artists grace all production rooms.

Visitors often express their surprise at the calm atmosphere, which they would not normally expect to find in a “factory”.

View into the automatic brush production:

The production rooms for synthetic brushes give a totally different impression. Here the vibrators ring, the parting machines hum, portioning exactly up to 1/10 gr. and manufacturing approximately one thousand brushes per hour. Special productive and competitive machines and equipment in electronically guided processes are at work, which have been built in own workshops following trial periods which lasted years. 

There was a time when artist brushes formed the foundations of the manufacturing program, but today the company meets the needs of customers throughout the world who are looking for quality tools for the most diverse uses, particularly in these areas of business: 

The declared challenge is finding the perfect solutions to ever changing requests. Not only the management team but the entire workforce of reliable and specialised colleagues look forward to meeting the diverse needs of brush customers in the future -thanks to the competence which has grown over generations, the established philosophy of the company and the passion which the whole team has for top-class products “Made in Germany”.