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Bristle brush, flat
white Chinese bristles
aluminium ferrule
long plainwood handles
standard sizes No. 1 to No. 24
da Vinci Series 23 Bristle brush, flat

white chinese bristles
size 60mm
Four single brush bodies can be used to paint ”in 4 colours” or for many other effects.da Vinci Series 2400-4 QUATTRO

Bristle oilpainting brush, brights
gummed white Chinese bristles
aluminium ferrules
long plainwood handles
standard sizes No. 1 to No. 30
Flats and brights for area workda Vinci Series 7179 Bristle oilpainting brush, brights

MAESTRO2, extra thickness
straight chisel edge
so-called silver ferrule
long red transparent handles with black ends
sizes 35 and 40
Filbert and Fresco shape Fresco shape for painting on wet, plastered surfaces and for mural painting on dry stuccoda Vinci Series 7823 MAESTRO2, extra thickness