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Liner brush
inlaid, extra long and tapered ox hair point. Body made of selected Kazan squirrel hair that holds large amounts of colour
so-called silver ferrule
short black polished handles, packaged in a strong transparent tube
Size 8
da Vinci Series 20 Liner brush

Ox hair fan blender
light brown ox hair
so-called silver ferrule
long red transparent handles
standard sizes No. 1 to No. 5
Fan blenders are used for such special tasks as gilding the grooves of baroque picture frames. Many painters use fan blenders to create special effects.da Vinci Series 406 Ox hair fan blender

Oilpainting Brush
light brown ox hair
so-called silver ferrule
long maroon polished handles
standard sizes No. 0 to No. 32
Filberts that combine the advantages of flat and round brushesda Vinci Series 1865 Oilpainting Brush