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Pipe overgrainer
black goat hair
rust-proof steel ferrules
white-red polished handles
width 40 mm = 5 teeth, width 60 mm = 8 teeth
da Vinci Series 2465 Pipe overgrainer

Pencil or pipe overgrainer
light bristles
rust-proof steel ferrule
short plainwood handles
width 30 to 100 mm
da Vinci Series 2466 Pencil or pipe overgrainer

Effect brushes in bamboo mat
one piece each series 1381 No. 12; 5587 No. 14; 11543 No. 40
Please check our demo-clips at: www.davinci-defet.comda Vinci Series 5322DV Effect brushes in bamboo mat

Pipe Overgrainer
fine but durable golden synthetic heads
so-called silver ferrule set into another rust- proof ferrule
naturally lacquered handle
size 40 mm with 3 heads; size 60 mm with 4 heads; size 80 mm with 8 heads; size100 mm with 10 heads
ideal for decoration purposes and for illustrating natural structures and objects. By using this multi-brush many special effects are possible and moreover you can realize your ideas far more quicklyda Vinci Series 11543 Pipe Overgrainer